Preparing Your Home For Sale

Every seller wants their home to sell fast and bring top dollar. However, it’s not just luck that makes it happen: it is all about prepping your home for sale and knowing how to professionally spruce up your home. Outlined below are some quick tips you can utilize if you are preparing to sell your home, and will only take a few days!

Disassociate From Your Home
Though it may be difficult at first, it’s important to recognize your home as a house, to be sold as a product. It’s important also to focus on the fact that soon this house will no longer be yours – acknowledge this, and be sure to say goodbye to every room. After this, don’t look back: look towards your future and realizing your goal of a sale!

De-Personalize & De-Clutter
In keeping with this theme, pack up your personal photo frames and family heirlooms. Though these items may make your house a home, buyer’s cannot see beyond personal effects, and this will make it difficult for them to envision themselves in your home. Additionally, you may want to start the process of de-cluttering your home. Rid yourself of items you haven’t used in over a year, clean off surfaces and try and empty closets. Not only with this make your home appear bigger, but it will also give you a head-start on your eventual packing.

Rearrange Your Storage
When viewing your home, buyers will inevitably snoop. They’ll open closets and cabinets, and will make judgments based on what they see – if you take care of your spaces, you must take good care of the rest of your home as well. So neatly stack dishes and boxes, line up shoes and have items face the same direction. This going-through can also help you get ahead of your packing as well!

Rent a Storage Unit
Less is always more when it comes to home furniture. Rent a storage unit and rid yourself of furniture that hampers pathways, or now-empty book cases that you have packed away. Leave just enough furniture for each room in order to showcase the room’s purpose with plenty of space to move around.

Remove/Replace Favorite Items
Items that may be mistaken as inclusive with the house will not cause problems if the buyer never sees them. For example, if you have a chandelier in your living room that is a family heirloom, pack it up before a showing!

Make Those Minor Repairs
Have minor repairs that you’ve been meaning to get around to? Take care of them before showing. This includes replacing a cracked floor or broken tiles, holes in walls, and squeaky / stuck drawers or doors. It may also help to paint your walls a neutral color.

Clean Your Home
Spray down your house’s exterior, clean out all cobwebs, clean your fridge and musty areas, replace worn rugs and bed speads, polish faucets and mirrors, hang fresh towels, clean and vacuum daily. Dust furniture and ceiling fan blades.

Scrutinize Outdoor
It’s not always about the inside, it’s also about the first impression your buyer has of the outdoor curb appeal. So make sure that the sidewalks are cleared, the lawn is mowed, bushes are trimmed, and that visitors are clearly able to read your house number.